Rugby World Cup 2019

September 20th - November 2nd

Rugby fans, are you ready? The rugby World Cup is just around the corner!

You can catch the action live & loud* on our screens from September 20th until November 2nd
Select games will be played only.



Full schedule below
Note: games with an * will be played live only

Mon, Sept 23 Wales v Georgia 8:15pm Live & Loud
Tues, Sept 24 Russia v Samoa 8:15pm Live & Loud
Wed, 25 Sep Fiji v Uruguay, 3:15pm Live & Loud
Thurs, 26 Sep Italy v Canada, 5:45pm Live & Loud
Thurs, 26 Sep England v USA, 8:45pm Live & Loud
Mon, 30 Sep Scotalnd v Somoa, 8:15pm Live & Loud
Wed, 2 Oct France v USA, 5:45pm Live & Loud
Wed, 2 Oct NZ v Canada 8:15pm Live & Loud
Thurs, 3 Oct Georgia v Fiji 3:15pm Live & Loud
Thurs, 3 Oct Ireland v Russia 8:15pm Live & Loud
*Fri, 4 Oct S. Africa v Italy 7:45pm Live only*
*Sat, 5 Oct Aus v Uruguay 3:15pm Live only*
*Sat, 5 Oct Japan Somoa 8:30pm Live only*
*Sun, 6 Oc NZ v Namibia 2:45pm Live only*
*Sun, 6 Oct France v Tonga 5:45pm Live only*
Tues, 8 Oct S.Africa v Canada 8:15pm Live & Loud
Wed, 9 Oct Argentina v USA 2:45pm Live & Loud
Wed, 9 Oct Scotland v Russia 5:15pm Live & Loud
Wed, 9 Oct Wales v Fiji 7:45pm Live & Loud
*Fri, 11 Oct Aus v Georgia 8:15pm Live only*
*Sat, 12 Oct Nz v Italy 2:45pm Live only*
*Sat, 12 Oct England v France 6:15pm Live only*
*Sat, 12 Oct Ireland v Samoa 8:45pm Live only*
*Sun, 13 Oct Nambia v Canada 1:15pm Live only*
*Sun, 13 Oct USA v Tonga 3:45pm Live only*
*Sun, 13 Oct Wales v Uruguay 6:15pm Live only*
*Sun, 13 Oct Japan v Scotland 8:45pm Live only*

*All finals live only*